Updated: 03 Jun 2021

GEOMS Data Formatting Templates

Data reporting templates are used as an additional guidance to file formatting for specific instrument types. This can be useful to make sure all measurements from similar instruments, e.g. a LIDAR, within a monitoring network report the same mandatory data variables. 

To help you format your files, EVDC has set up an Online GEOMS File Creation Tool . At the bottom of this page, a few file examples are added (data and metadata files). These example files might be helpful for data submitters learning how to format the files in GEOMS.  

You may read more about GEOMS templates at the AVDC site.

2011-10-03 GEOMS-TE-BOUY-001.csv

2020-06-15 GEOMS-TE-CLOUD-RADAR-001.csv

2018-05-28 GEOMS-TE-FTIR-002.csv

2021-06-03 GEOMS-TE-FTIR-003.csv

2020-09-01 GEOMS-TE-FTIR-COCCON-001.csv

2019-11-21 GEOMS-TE-FTIR-FRM4GHG-001.csv

2015-12-23 GEOMS-TE-FTIR-ISO-001.csv

2019-02-20 GEOMS-TE-FTIR-TCCON-005.csv

2016-07-21 GEOMS-TE-FTUV-003.csv

2019-11-21 GEOMS-TE-LHR-FRM4GHG-001.csv

2020-07-22 GEOMS-TE-LIDAR-AEROSOL-005.csv

2017-10-28 GEOMS-TE-LIDAR-H2O-005.csv

2017-10-28 GEOMS-TE-LIDAR-O3-005.csv


2014-02-18 GEOMS-TE-MWR-003.csv 

2018-02-02 GEOMS-TE-MWR-WIND-001.csv 


2016-12-01 GEOMS-TE-RO-001.csv 

2020-02-28 GEOMS-TE-SODAR-001.csv

2013-07-19 GEOMS-TE-SONDE-002.csv




2018-04-25 GEOMS-TE-UVVIS-DOAS-ZENITH-GAS-007.csv 



UVVIS DOAS ZENITH measurements - metadata - data 

UVVIS DOAS OFFAXIS NO2 measurements - metadata - data 

AEROSOL LIDAR measurements - metadata - data

BALLOON SONDE PTU measurements - metadata - data

OZONE LIDAR measurements - metadata - data