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The ozonesonde is a lightweight, balloon-borne instrument that is mated to a conventional meteorological radiosonde. As the balloon carrying the instrument package ascends through the atmosphere, the ozonesonde telemeters to a ground receiving station information on ozone and standard meteorological quantities such as pressure, temperature and humidity. The balloon will ascend to altitudes of about 115,000 feet (35 km) before it bursts.

O3sonde data from a number of stations are submitted to the EVDC and NADIR data archives on a daily basis and plotted at the data centre.

The latest plots from each station are available at this page. Please contact nadirteam@nilu.no for further information about data and plots.

Match campaign pages: http://www.atmo-projects.net/match/manual.html


Link to Northern Hemisphere Recent Ozone Maps from World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC) 

Link to  WMO Ozone Mapping Center 

Detailed information on T and PV (analyse and forecast) are found at https://ecmwf.nilu.no/ --> Plots. (Login = zardoz account)

Alert DeBilt Edmonton
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Scoresbysund Sodankyla Thule
Uccle Valentia Yarmouth

Annual summary Valentia Observatory , 2013-2018
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Valentia Valentia Valentia