Welcome to EVDC

ESA Atmospheric Validation Data Centre

EVDC is a central, long-term repository in Europe for archiving and exchange of correlative data for validation of atmospheric composition products from satellite platforms. Read more about EVDC

Search and download satellite data products

EVDC maintains it's own archive of satellite data products and allows registered users to search and download the data.

Search and download Cal/Val data files

EVDC lets registered users search the NILU database and download Cal/Val data

Predict and visualise orbits

EVDC provides orbit tool, that allows users to predict satellite orbits, visualize satellite overpasses on 3D globe and download the orbit data in CSV, KML and JSON format

Process data in the cloud

EVDC provides registered users with online interface to the tools for atmospheric data processing (HARP) and high performance computing capabilities, including bulk processing and scheduled processing. The high performance computing resources are provided and maintained by ICHEC.

Submit correlative data to EVDC repository

EVDC lets researchers upload and register their data in the central repository and provides the tools that help conform to GEOMS standard. Browse Documentation section from the main menu above to find more information about GEOMS standard and our efforts to promote it

How to register?

If you are interested in accessing the data and tools provided via EVDC platform please contact us to receive login credentials.

Not sure how to use EVDC? Watch Video Tutorials

EVDC video tutorials are available here.

We welcome active engagement of user community

Please help us shape the future roadmap of EVDC by taking part in the short (up to 15 min) survey here.