Updated: 24 Jan 2023

GEOMS documentation

Data submitted to EVDC need to be formatted in the GEOMS (The Generic Earth Observation Metadata Standard) format by the data provider. GEOMS is implemented at the EVDC data centre in order to ensure harmonised specification and reporting of data and metadata.

In this section, you will find format templates for parameters hosted by EVDC.

Note that in some cases, e.g. for campaings, there is currently no template for the measurement principle. These data might be reported to EVDC in ASCII format.

The GEOMS standard is a further development of the metadata standard previously implemented for the Envisat Cal/Val activity, but the standard is now further generalised and harmonised to be implemented for EVDC, AVDC (Aura Validation Data Centre) and NDACC (Network for Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change). The GEOMS standard is described in the GEOMS document. Online access to legal lists of metadata is additionally available by following the link "Browse metadata" in the "Documentation" menu.




Why do we use data formats based on GEOMS, and why do we ask the data providers to format their data in a specific format?

Avoiding of errors - A clearly defined (meta)data format make the information in the data comparable to other datasets and avoids information loss in the process of submission and extraction of files. 

Scientific standard of data provider - The data submission represents the essence of scientific work at a station. It is part of most data providers’ standard and their own wish to assemble this part of their work themselves. 

Standard exchange of metadata - Standard metadata helps operational centers collecting relevant information directly from the database, in a certain, uniform way. 

For documentation on how to format files, please read more under the "Tools" tab. 

Latest version of TAV file: tableattrvalue_04R072.dat

GEOMS tool documentation

Cal/Val data must be submitted of EVDC in HDF or NetCDF format. The file formatting tool assists the user to create formatted files according to the EVDC standards. 


Please contact EVDC-team (nadirteam@nilu.no) for further information. 

Training video on data templates for Cal/Val

Training slides -  use of data formatting tool and data submission

Training slides -  use of "register new metadata" tool