Orbit Prediction Tool

The Orbital Prediction and Overpass Tool (OPOT) generates and visualizes satellite’s overpasses. An overpass is when the field of view of a satellite’s instrument passes over an area of interest (AOI). With OPOT you can:

  • Search for overpasses by satellite/instrument, as well as for joint overpasses between two satellites
  • Download overpass data as CSV, KML o JSON
  • Plan campaigns for satellites which have yet to launch by defining virtual satellites

Orbit predictions are generated using python-sgp4 using TLE files sourced from https://www.space-track.org. Click Info button in the 3D Globe Menu for information on how to use the Globe and hover over the OPOT buttons below the globe for information on their use. For more details download the user guide here and watch demo video. For any questions regarding data production and quality please contact us via Support tab on the left or directly as per information on Contact Page




Format: DDD.DDDD