Updated: 21 Jan 2024


What happens with my data after submission to /viper/nadir/projecs/earthcare/preliminary_data/ ?

- When data are received at the disc system the files will be reviewed by the database team and approved for the shared directoy and the (restricted to Cal/Val team) web pages, alternatively sent back to data submitter for modifications. 

I can not log in to the EVDC system: 

- Please sign the data protocol if you have not done so yet. Forgotten password or other login problems: contact nadirteam@nilu.no directly. 

I can not find a suitable template for my data: 

- Templates are located under EVDC Tools. We are continously updating the templates, as new measurement principles are registered. To request a new template send an email to nadirteam@nilu.no subject "request for new template for [measurement principle] where [measurement principle] is the type of instrument you plan to submit data for

Can I request a DOI for my data? 

- Yes, EVDC has a system for self assignment for DOIs. Read guidelines at https://evdc.esa.int/documentation/doi-docs/ and contact the data centre for access. 

How can I browe EarthCARE Cal/Val data online?