Updated: 22 Jun 2023

Contact Information and Data Policies

How to register?

To become a registered user and be able to use full capabilities of EVDC platform such us downloading the correlative data and satellite data products and using the processing system to subset the satellite products please start from signing the following data protocols

How to register?

The EVDC data protocol, which is found here

The EarthCARE protocol, which is found here

The JATAC data protocol, which is found here

After reviewing the signed protocol we will issue the access credentials.

How to contact us and get support?

Please contact us on nadirteam@nilu.no or use the Support Facility by clicking the tab on the left edge of the screen.

EVDC Team is also active on twitter https://twitter.com/evdc_team - follow us for updates on open calls, projects, news, maintenance, and other relevant topics.

Data privacy policies

In EVDC we take data privacy seriously and understand the importance of protecting your personal information. EVDC collects your email and name solely for the purpose of setting up personal user accounts and for provision of user support and best possible service, and to keep you informed about our latest updates and developments. EVDC will only use your information for the purpose for which it was collected, and will keep it secure from unauthorized access or use, and not shared with 3rd parties. You have the right to control your personal information, and if you wish to delete your email and name from our records, you may do so by contacting us at nadirteam@nilu.no or use the Support Facility by clicking the tab on the left edge of the screen. We will promptly delete your information from our systems and confirm the deletion with you. 


Data use policies

ACTIVATE Data Use Policy: 

The ACTIVATE Native Data Archive is at https://www-air.larc.nasa.gov/missions/activate/index.html. EVDC does not hold a local copy of the data, only the minimum required metadata is stored in EVDC. User are redirected to NASA LaRC for download of data. DOI: 10.5067/SUBORBITAL/ACTIVATE/DATA001 

ACTIVATE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

TCCON Data Use Policy: 


NDACC Data Use Policy 


CloudNet Data Use Policy 


Project partners

Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)

Instituttveien 18
Postbox 100
E-mail: nadirteam@nilu.no

The EVDC project is managed by Ann Mari Fjæraa (amf@nilu.no) together with the NILU EVDC team.


Via Galileo Galilei
Casella Postale 64
00044 Frascati (Roma)

The EVDC project is managed by Angelika Dehn (angelika.dehn@esa.int) and Paolo Castracane (paolo.castracane@esa.int)


69 Merrion Square,
Dublin 2

Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC)

IT302, IT Building
NUI Galway
Galway City
H91 TK33