Updated: 02 Dec 2019

Overview of ASCV AO proposals:

AO Number Team Leader Campaign Campaign description Date GEOMS data non-GEOMS data
5156 Alain Dabas Yes LIDAR experiment
Long-duration balloon campaign
January 2019
November 2019
LIDAR, UHF, Radiosonde
5166 Arnoud Apituley No
28536 Vitali Fioletov No
5177 Mike Hardesty Yes Airborne Campaigns
5186 Gerd Baumgarten Yes Core validation campaign
5188 Arnaud Apituley No
5190 Ad Stoffelen Yes L1B/L2A, campaign
5192 Harald Schyberg No
26989 Michael Gausa Yes Airborne Campaigns
27329 Oliver Reitebuch Yes Airborne Campaigns
27389 Kerstin Stebel No
27409 Vassilis Amiridis, Yes Ground Campaign
27411 Songhua Wu No
27449 Nedjeljka Žagar No
27529 Mary Forsythe Yes Previously planned campaigns
27589 Shoken Ishii No
27590 Paul Joe Yes Existing research campaigns
28295 Paul Kushner No

Overpass Data

Aeolus GroundTrack Images
Aeolus GroundTrack CSV

Relevant Cal/Val Meetings and Conferences:  

November 2019 Copernicus Sentinel-5 Precursor Validation Team Workshop

March 2019 Aeolus Cal/Val and Science Worskhop

June 2018 First EarthCARE Validation Workshop

February 2018 2nd Sentinel-5 Precursor Validation Team Meeting

March 2017 ADM Aeolus Cal/Val Rehearsal Workshop  


May 2019 Living Planet Symposium

November 2018 ATMOS2018


The Cal/Val meetings aims at consolidating Calibration and Validation (Cal/Val) activities to be carried out during the S5P,  Aeouls and EarthCARE preparation and operational phases. This includes the review of existing Cal/Val projects of the original Announcement of Opportunity Calls, identification of new Cal/Val partners, Cal/Val gap analysis, presentation of Cal/Val tools and rehearsal activities. There are dedicated campaign pages in EVDC, in addition to the ESA Earth Observation Campaigns Data pages. 

Instructions for PIs:

Aeolus rehearsal guideline document

Each campaign PI, after having created its EVDC user account (see also http://evdc.esa.int/contact-us/), is invited to upload a test data file into the campaign areas with the corresponding AO proposal identifier. The data may be either in GEOMS or non-GEOMS data format:

GEOMS formatted data can be uploaded directly via web on http://evdc.esa.int/upload/ using the personal login information, or via unix ftp upload to zardoz.nilu.no in folder /viper/nadir/evdc/incoming/ 

non-GEOMS data must be uploaded by ftp to zardoz.nilu.no using the personal login information and put in folder e.g. /viper/nadir/projects/s5pvt/data/[campaign]/[location]/[instrument]  or /viper/nadir/projects/aeolus/data/[campaign]/[location]/[instrument]

where [campaign] is the campaign name or AOid, 

[location] is the measurement site,

[instrument] is the instrument name,

 e.g. /viper/nadir/projects/s5pvt/data/CINDI-3/Cabauw/BIRA_BREWER/

[campaign]/[location]/[instrument]  may be created by each campaign PI or data submitter individually, preferably in consultation with the database administrators.

All EVDC data submitters and users registered for a specific campaign, have access to the respective disc areas on the server and all corresponding data, both for GEOMS and non-GEOMS data. 

Questions about the data upload should be sent to nadirteam@nilu.no and/or to Ann Mari Fjæraa (amf_at_nilu.no)