Updated: 02 Dec 2019

5.1.11.  VAR_FILL_VALUE 

The variable attribute VAR_FILL_VALUE is a number or an empty string value inserted as a substitute data element, if a data element of a variable is reported as a default or missing value. For variables with numeric VAR_DATA_TYPE(cf. Section 5.1.6), the VAR_FILL_VALUE can take any value allowed by the numeric type. If VAR_FILL_VALUE is set to a value within the range spanned by VAR_VALID_MIN in Section 5.1.9 and VAR_VALID_MAXin Section 5.1.10 it is considered a default value. If VAR_FILL_VALUE is set outside the range spanned by VAR_VALID_MIN and VAR_VALID_MAX it is considered a missing value. String data types must have a corresponding attribute value of an empty string:


VAR_FILL_VALUE = [empty]


Type: Equal to the ones specified in VAR_DATA_TYPE(cf. Section 5.1.6)

Entry: Single

Format: Consistent with the variable's VAR_DATA_TYPE(cf. Section 5.1.6)

Example 1: VAR_VALID_MIN = 0.00 and VAR_VALID_MAX = 35.00 then VAR_FILL_VALUE = 99.99is acceptable

Example 2:  VAR_VALID_MIN = 0.000 and VAR_VALID_MAX = 2.600E5 then VAR_FILL_VALUE = ­5.000E6is acceptable

Example 3: VAR_DATA_TYPE = STRING then VAR_FILL_VALUE = [empty] is acceptable