Updated: 02 Dec 2019

4.3.1.  FILE_NAME

The global attribute FILE_NAME contains the current data file name. This entry must be identical to the file name in the data archive. The FILE_NAME entry is always set in lower case, even if the field entries from which it is built are capitalized. Some data centers support HDF4, HDF5, and netCDF datasets. Correlative datasets in HDF4 format must have extension ".hdf", files in HDF5 format must have the extension " .h5" while files in netCDF format must have extension ".nc" (cf. Chapter 6).



Entry: Lower case, underscore separated + .[hdf|h5|nc]

Format: The FILE_NAMEentry is constructed using sevenunderscore separated global attribute entries + the correct file extension (.[hdf|h5|nc]): 

The DATA_DISCIPLINE_03 acquisition platform entry from Table 7.2.

The DATA_SOURCE type entry from Table 7.2.

The AFFILIATION acronym entry from Table 7.1and a three-digit identifier.

The DATA_LOCATION entry from Table 7.2.

The DATA_START_DATE entry from Section 4.2.7(ISO 8601 format).

The DATA_STOP_DATE entry from Section 4.2.8(ISO 8601 format).

The DATA_FILE_VERSION entry from Section 4.2.9.

The .[hdf|h5|nc] file extension (referring to the HDF4, HDF5, and netCDF file formats).

Example: groundbased_ftir.hno3_ncar001_thule_20080305t151349z_20080824t221536z_001.hdf