Updated: 02 Dec 2019

How to get a DOI

NILU, on behalf of EVDC, may issue a DOI on datasets or other data products related to ESA Cal/Val. Issuing of the DOI is done through the DataCite metadata service.

When a DOI is issued, there are two things to consider: First, you need to report metadata following the XML format (see whats required below). Secondly, if you need a landing page for the DOI, you will also need to supply some information with regards to this in a text file. The data resource will then be available through the presentation page on a EVDC server.

Example on how to report metadata in xml:
- Metadata elements
- Name of the creator(s) of the dataset and affiliation
- Title
- Publication year
- Subject (e.g. “Atmospheric Science”)
- Contact person(s)
- Date of collection
- Date of creation
- Size (only if its a dataset, supply size of dataset in megabytes)
- Format (text/plain, netCDF, Ascii etc.)
- Language
- Rights (Any rights information for this resource, licensing, copyright etc.)
- Resource type (should be “Dataset” in most cases)
- Description(s) (you can have one or more description types. Select among the following description types: Abstract, Methods, SeriesInformation, TableOfContents, TechnicalInfo, Other)
- Funder name(s)
- GeoLocation of measuring station(s)

Supplying information for the landing page:
The landing page is not so strict in terms of content and shape, but should include a description of the elements below.

Include the following information:
- Title
- Image (plot etc.) that describes the dataset, not mandatory but preferable.
- Data policy
- Description of data file (s), including contact person for the specific dataset/subset of the dataset (in case there is data from multiple stations).
- Acknowledgments
- Citation (How to cite the dataset)
- Contact

All enquiries, including applications and questions, could be sent to nadirteam@nilu.no 

We will establish formal contact before the DOI is issued.